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"Knowing as I do so well your heart's full desire to serve our Lord purely, I can say nothing to you - but to keep well to what you believe to be the grace of the moment...Only do your best as you always have done and leave the rest to our dear God." ~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Thirty-One Women

Proverbs 31:31 “Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.”

The strength and dignity of a virtuous woman was exceedingly evident in the life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Her honorable and humanitarian qualities have inspired countless individuals who are willing to serve others in society without personal gain. With these reasons in mind it is evident why the Thirty-One Women scholarship is a perfect fit for Seton High School. This unique scholarship is made possible by the commitment of 30 women. Each one of these 30 women have been inspired by the mission of Seton High School and the idea of being part of giving one young woman the chance to attend Seton on a scholarship that covers a four-year tuition. 

Each group of Thirty-One Women:

  • consists of 30 women who give $36 each month for four years to cover the tuition and fees for one girl to attend Seton High School. 
  • will cover close to the full tuition and fees for all four years.
  • will include one young woman who will be chosen to become the Thirty-First Woman and is responsible for the same financial commitment as the other thirty women.

In addition to making this a wonderful high school experience for a deserving student, members of the Thirty-One Women community have benefited from knowing each other and feeling connected to Seton through the support of the student.  The students enjoy writing letters throughout the year to let their supporters know how they are doing in school and in other activities and show their appreciation for the gift they have been given.

The Thirty-One Women Scholarship began with the Class of 2017.  Our goal continues to be to assemble multiple groups of women so we can make this valuable educational experience available to many girls in all of our parishes and communities.  Each spring Seton hosts a luncheon and provides an opportunity to meet our scholarship recipient. 

To be part of our next class of Thirty-One Women, please CLICK HERE and print the forms.  Mail to Seton High School, Attention: Thirty-One Women, 3901 Glenway Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45205 or email mccarthyc@setoncincinnati.org

Gifts to Honor, Memorialize

Mark a friend or loved one's birthday or anniversary with an "In Honor Of" gift or celebrate their life by making an "In Memory Of" donation to the Seton High School scholarship fund. When received, Seton will send a personalized letter to the person or family indicated to notify them of your thoughtful donation. Every gift is tax-deductible and the donor receives an acknowledgement for his or her donation.  For more information, please contact Kathy Ciarla, ciarlak@setoncincinnati.org.

Gift to the General Scholarship Fund

Gifts made to the General Scholarship Fund help us promote academic excellence by offering a first-class education to any girl who wants to attend Seton. These gifts are pooled and invested and the annual interest is awarded to deserving students through our academic scholarships and financial aid.  For more information, please contact Kathy Allen Ciarla at (513) 471-2600 ext. 2404. 

Named Endowment Funds

Commemorate family members, friends and colleagues with a Named Endowment Fund. By making a gift of $10,000 or greater, you can establish a fund that honors a loved one. While the specific use of each fund varies, donors can designate how the income is distributed. Please contact Kathy Allen Ciarla 513-471-2600 ext. 2404.

Planned/Endowed Gifts

Create a legacy for yourself with a charitable gift annuity, estate gift or by an endowment. These gifts are a special way to ensure the Seton tradition for generations of future Saints. For more information, please contact Kathy Ciarla at (513) 471-2600 ext. 2404.

Stock Gifts

If you would like to donate through a stock transfer or with a gift of stock, you or your broker may contact:

Ashley Collins

Gifts of stock are accepted at any time and we will notify you immediately when the transaction is complete.



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For more information, including how you can participate, volunteer or donate, please contact Noelle (VonderBrink) Schwartz, schwartzn@setoncincinnati.org, or (513) 471-2600 ext. 2424.

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