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Clubs and Organizations

The following Honor Societies have active chapters at Seton.  Students are invited to join the Honor Society if they meet the requirements/qualifications

Moderator:  Dr. Stephanie Metz

Moderator:  Mrs. Margie Metz

Moderator:  Mr. Bryan Cox

Moderator:  Mrs. Florence Madelaine

Moderator:  Ms. Megan Stepp

The following student organizations hold elections each year to determine student membership/participation.  Students may be nominated or may self nominate to be included in the vote.

School Dean: Ms. Marianne Ridiman

House Deans: 

Cedar—Mrs. Shawna McQuillan

Emmits—Mrs. Gina Rider

O’Connell—Mrs. Erin Flowers

Segale—Mrs. Nikki Roell

Click HERE for more information about this student government model.

Hope Squad members are students, selected by their peers, known for being:

*Concerned about others
*Good listeners/easy to talk with
*Someone you could turn to if you need a friend

Advisors: Erin Flowers, Jenny Jenkins, Vicki Fuchs, Erin Rowland

The following clubs are active at Seton and are open to any student who wishes to become a member.

Moderator:  Mrs. Allison Hinker

The Seton High School Academic Team participates in the Greater Cincinnati Academic League, which consists of teams from the Cincinnati area Catholic high schools.  The team competes in weekly matches at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College; matches are held at both varsity and reserve levels. Competitions include questions covering a wide variety of disciplines, including math, science, literature, history, geography, and fine arts.  There are varsity and reserve level matches.

Moderator: Mr. Marco Colant

American Sign Language Club is open to everyone! This organization meets every other Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. ASL club is a place for students to learn the basics of American Sign Language and more about the Deaf Community. No previous experience required!

Moderator:  Mrs. Allison Hinker

Seton’s Animal Welfare Club was created to bring awareness to the Seton community of how we can better help animals. Through our club, students will learn how they can volunteer, donate, and work with surrounding animal shelters. During the year, we do multiple projects like making blankets for local shelters, homemade dog treats and toys. While helping the community, students learn skills like communication, leadership, and teambuilding. 

Moderator:  Mrs. Margie Metz

Art Club members participate in various opportunities throughout the year. Each year provides different events, but often include the annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest for Halloween, Price Hill holiday window painting, Art Week, and the Fashion Show during the Annual Art show in May. Students also participate in art related service at Seton and in the community.

Art Club is open to everyone (you do not need to be enrolled in an art class) and the meetings are at various times and announced through announcements, email and the Art Club google classroom.

Moderator:  Mr. Mike Jones

The Seton High School Astronomy Club explores the mysteries of space through observation, education, and fun activities. The planets, moons, comets, asteroids, stars, constellations, and galaxies have captivated the minds and intrigue of scientists, philosophers, and people all over the world throughout all of time. Membership in the Astronomy Club is open to all Seton students, faculty members, and staff members.

Moderator: Mr. Andy Zerhusen, Mission and Service

Moderator: Mr. Josh Mueller, Campus Minister

The Campus Ministry Program of Seton High School supports the school mission by attending to the spiritual needs of the Seton community. Students and staff members who are involved in Campus Ministry plan and participate in school prayer services, liturgies, retreats and days of reflection. Students and staff members also lead prayer each morning over the PA system and before meetings.

Campus Ministry is also concerned with outreach to the community and offers many service projects and opportunities throughout the school year. Each Seton student can access these opportunities as they are posted on the “Service at Seton” Google Classroom page throughout the school year and during the summer.  

Campus Ministry is open to every grade level and training for liturgical roles is available and encouraged.

Moderator:  Mrs. Monica Perretta

Our mission is to create a positive, supportive, and educational environment that broadens our understanding and appreciation of different cultures and disabilities. This club provides an equal opportunity to everyone; allowing them to be authentic, transparent, and vulnerable based on our shared belief that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, and our unwavering knowledge of the dignity of all human beings. 

Moderator:  Mr. Marco Colant

Drama club is open to all students! This organization sponsors non-musical productions during the school year.  An initial meeting will take place in mid-September. Auditions and after-school rehearsals begin in late September and lead up to the fall play in November!

Moderator:  Mrs. Allison Hinker

The Seton High School Environmental Club works to raise awareness about environmental issues within our campus and surrounding community.  We wish to educate our community on recycling and how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

 Activities include: 

  •  Planning recycling contests 
  •  Planning beautification projects for Seton High School grounds
  •  Making posters about Eco friendly practices
  •  Doing announcements and videos about green practices 

Moderators: Mrs. Margie Metz/Mrs. Erin Vanover

Fashion Club encourages students to think about fashion as art and a form of expression.  It provides students the opportunity to share their personal styles and opinions and supports students interested in careers in the fashion industry.

Moderator:  Mrs. Florence Madelaine

The French Club strives to educate others about  French and francophone culture and language. We do this by playing French games, eating French food, and making Powerpoints to describe the French life.  Club meets monthly. All are welcome!

Moderator: Mrs. Katie Meese


To engineer and execute experiences designed to inspire young talent to pursue a career in the Greater Cincinnati IT industry

The club started in November 2016 and began with 6 girls. Now the club is thriving with numerous girls.


  • IT career camps for sophomores (spend 1 week on a college campus)

  • Job shadows (with large companies in the Greater Cincinnati area during the school year)

  • Internships (Companies offer paid internships during the summer to Juniors/Seniors)

  • Ozobots (mini robots)


In Feburary, students stay at the Millenium Hotel downtown over the weekend and participate in miscellaneous breakout sessions (examples: Wiki Hunts, playing various video games like Fifa and Just Dance, etc). For more information about TechOlympics, please click on the word TechOlympics.



Moderator:  Mr. Dan Morrison

The Life Skills club focuses on creating opportunities to enhance skills and mechanisms for teenagers and young adults to become more independent and engaging. Our objective is to provide a series of activities and interactions that will broaden students’ horizons and provide them with tools to be successful in their home, personal life, and career. Through guest speakers, hands-on engagements, presentations, and after school field trips, students will have a hands-on experience that they may not traditionally have from a basic classroom setting.


Moderator:  Mrs. Ann Jett

Through guest speakers, students are able to explore the various opportunities in the Healthcare Field. Club meetings are scheduled by the availability of the speakers.


Moderator:  Mrs. Erin Vanover 

The Photography club is for students interested in taking photographs and learning more about photography. Our club has helped take photos of different events at Seton such as our music showcases. We plan photo contests throughout the year that everyone in the school is welcome to participate in.


Moderator:  Mrs. Laura Ryan

The Saints for Life club mission is to inspire in our community a desire to recognize the inherent dignity of human life at every stage and in every moment, and to work together to reflect and echo this message throughout the world.

Moderators:  Mr. Justin Kohler/Ms. Marianne Ridiman

Saints in Media brings together students who are interested in working together to write and produce Seton news segments to appear every week on morning announcements. Saints in Media meets once a week on Tuesday mornings to share finished video projects and discuss new ideas for stories. Students separate into groups to produce their assigned story.  A student may choose to earn academic credit in Broadcast Journalism by participating in Saints in Media and fulfilling certain requirements and assessments.  

Moderator:  Mrs. Lauren Zlatanov

Seton High School advocates for the Seton Community and its constituents by way of time, treasure and talent in the spirit of our Patroness, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.



Moderator:  Mrs. Kat Falk

The Spanish Club is an organization comprised of those students who want to experience the rich Hispanic culture through food, crafts, and music. Spanish club meets once a quarter. The Spanish Club has a student board of directors that plan and facilitate events. All students are welcomed and encouraged to become members of the Spanish club.

Moderator:  Mrs. Mary Sunderhaus

Stage Crew assists the music department with all productions and concerts throughout the year, including the Fall Drama Production and Spring Musical. Stage Crew operates under the current director of the program or concert and meets at various times throughout the year.

Moderator:  Mrs. Robyn Schwarz

As a part of Seton High School, StrongHer will strive to strengthen self-esteem and confidence in girls of all ages. This club will promote individuality, inner beauty and acts of kindness by sharing messages of acceptance, motivation and strength.  Our goal is to be optimistic role models for our peers and younger girls while continuing to enhance the welcoming tradition of the Seton sisterhood.  

Moderator:  Mr. Gary Collins

The Writing Society provides a safe and constructive space to write stories, poetry, or anything that helps self-expression. Friendship, improvement, and fun are the highest priorities. The club promotes a healthy community full of enjoyment and looks forward to growing the community of Seton writers.

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