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Student Support Services

The mission of the support services team is to identify, access and serve the psycho-social, spiritual, academic, and physical needs of the young women at Seton High School. This support includes remediation and enrichment outside of that typically   given to students using a collaborative team based approach in order to develop a sense of independence in preparation for college and life beyond.

Program Outcomes

  • Meet grade level standards
  • Clearly express student strengths and weaknesses within an academic environment
  • Provide strategies and accommodations that best support the student in and out of the classroom
  • Develop and maintain a system of organization to support student learning across the curriculum
  • Generate and strengthen skills to become a self-advocate
  • Expand and apply study strategies across content areas
  • Effectively learn to manage time

 Program Services

  • Bayley Support Bell - Intervention Specialist provides enrichment and remediation for content areas weekly. Opportunities for Intervention Specialists and student to review grades, develop study skills and set goals.
  • In an inclusive setting, students will be provided support within their general education core classes by an Intervention Specialist.
  • Speech and Language Services
  • Support provided by instructional aides
  • 1:1 support as necessary
  • Testing accommodations
  • Summer Bayley Preparation Program
  • Peterson provider

Application Process:

  • Submit a copy of your daughter’s IEP, ISP, 504 or Accommodation Plan, and ETR if applicable.
  • Also, please inform us of any other pertinent medical information.

If you have any questions contact:

Nikki Roell, Intervention Specialist or 513-471-2600 ext. 2046

Student Support Services Members

Erin Rowland
Erin Rowland
  • Administration
  • Student Wellness
  • Student Support Services
Associate Principal of Student Support Services
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2434