Varsity Tennis

Varsity Head Coach:  John Specht

2018 Tennis Match Schedule
2018 Tennis Rosters

Panther Athletic Complex Detour

If you are planning to attend a soccer game or tennis match at the Panther Athletic Complex this fall, you will not be able to enter through the Quebec entrance.  A major construction project has moved directly in front of the PAC’s entrance, and you will need to take an alternative route to enter off of Westmont.  If you are traveling from Glenway, I would suggest going Beech, taking a right onto West Liberty, a left onto Wyoming and right to Westmont for the back entrance to the PAC. If you are traveling from Queen City, you can go Wyoming to Westmont to gain access to the back entrance.


JVA Tennis

JVA Head Coach:  Patty Cook

2018 Tennis Match Schedule

JVB Tennis

JVB Coaches:  Sarah Rolfes and Nick Rolfes

2018 Tennis Match Schedule

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