Plan Your Shadow Visit

Your future Saint will join a current student to experience a typical day at Seton High School AND learn a bit about the activities she could participate in during her high school career.

The day will begin at 7:45 in the Commons, where she will be greeted by her host.

Lunch in the BRAND NEW cafeteria is included.

Your future Saint will end the day speaking with Sarah Lykins and Student House Government representatives to cover any questions she may have.

Pick up from the Commons at 2:15. 

Schedule Your Visit Below

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Parent/Guardian email to be used for all future admissions information and communications.
(ex. 06108 or 06108-0809)
This information will be used to help us order for Open House.

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Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.
Please choose a second hostess choice in case your preferred choice is not available.
Emergency Information

Once you submit your request Sarah Lykins will be in touch with you to confirm your date and hostess.

We will do all we can to ensure your daughter has the best Future Saint visit!


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