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School Fight Song

Seton Alma Mater

At Thy Call 
Words & Music by alumnae Margaret Whitehead '34 and Martha Donelan '34

At thy call dear Seton,
We'll respond in song.
Let our voices echo,
Let the sound prolong.
Students here assembled,
Singing fervent praise.
With bursting zeal our voices peal,
We're loyal daughters always.

All hail to Seton,
Far reach your fame.
We hail thee Seton,
Great is your name.
Here's to your might.
Here's to your light.
Here's green and white through the ages.
Our mighty cries ring through the skies
Our challenge defies history's pages
For you today in every way,
Our Alma Mater forever. 

We will bear your standards,
Up the paths of life.
Strengthened by your virtues,
We'll resist the strife.
When our song is silenced,
By the passing days,
We still shall stand, a mighty band,
We'll be Setonians always.