INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati


To engineer and execute experiences designed to inspire young talent to pursue a career in the Greater Cincinnati IT industry

The club started in November 2016 and began with 6 girls. Now the club is thriving with numerous girls.



- IT career camps for sophomores (spend 1 week on a college campus)

- Job shadows (with large companies in the Greater Cincinnati area during the school year)

- Internships (Companies offer paid internships during the summer to Juniors/Seniors)

- Ozobots (mini robots)


In Feburary, students stay at the Millenium Hotel downtown over the weekend and participate in miscellaneous breakout sessions (examples: Wiki Hunts, playing various video games like Fifa and Just Dance, etc). For more information about TechOlympics, please click on the word TechOlympics.

 Anyone May Join INTERalliance

For any information about INTERalliance please contact

Mrs. Meese (

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