Senior Project at Seton High School

The Senior Project is a culminating high school learning experience which will take place throughout the course of the school year. Students will have the opportunity to explore a topic of interest to them. Topics are generally related to one of three areas: career, service or personal interest/hobbies. This project consists of five components: the proposal, research paper, product/project (including a minimum of fifteen hours of field work), portfolio and presentation. Many documents will be distributed to those involved in the Senior Project throughout the first and second semester. Students, mentors and judges will have a copy of the rubrics for the different sections of the Senior Project in advance of the due dates.

Students may propose their topic at the end of their Junior year. If approved, they may begin their project during the summer prior to their Senior year.

The Senior Project is a graduation requirement – as such it is supported and embedded into the curriculum of English 4. Each student is guided by her English teacher to help her stay on track and complete her research components. In addition, students are supported by a mentor to complete her field work and project components.

Information Brochure is available here.

Important Dates for 2017-2018

August 30                     Info. in English Class (Parent Night)                               

September 11               Proposal Packet 

October 3                     Mentor Breakfast

October 20                    Annotated Bibliography

November 13                Rough Draft of Paper

December 15                Final Draft of Paper

April 2                           Complete Field Work

April 2                           Practice Presentations

April 20                         Senior Project Presentations

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