Senior Capstone, formerly Senior Project


The Senior Capstone (formerly Senior Project) is a semester-long educational research experience in which every student demonstrates original thought, academic integrity, and sound research principles required for success in college, careers and life. All students are required to complete the Senior Capstone as part of their Senior English classes.

During the course of the semester, students will engage in an academic research experience similar to a first-year college research experience. It will include developing a question or hypothesis, reviewing and evaluating reliable sources, and writing a fully developed research paper. Students also engage in active learning through activities such as conducting tests or experiments, interviewing, working with a mentor, engaging in field work and job shadowing. The components of the Capstone include: inquiry and active research; a professional communications portfolio; a formal research paper; and a final board presentation.

The Capstone is a measure of academic excellence and encourages students to continue the path of life-long learning and be contributing members of the community.

For my Senior Project, I chose to explore careers in the medical field. Through interviewing Seton alums, I was able to obtain advice and information from professionals working in the medical field, as well as students who are currently in schooling to purse a medical career. You can find these interview questions and answers on my website!


This video explains the basics of the training, racing, nutrition, and camaraderie aspects of participating in a traditional high school cross country program. It is told through Seton High School’s cross country team specifically, and includes couch interviews and footage from their Fall 2017 season

Hello everyone! My name is Emma and for my senior project, I learned how to fix common problems with cars. 

Click HERE to download and print a flier for you to keep in your car in case of any emergencies.

This video is on how to change your car oil. I know it is a long video, but changing your oil takes time. These steps are generic; however there will probably be some differences based on your car. Do not change your oil until about 30 minutes after you last drove your car because that oil would be hot.





For Mady Nutter’s senior project, she created an anonymous poetry collection centered around mental health.  With such a broad topic, Nutter hoped to create a platform relatable to a wide array of people going through various mental illnesses or different phases of recovery.  Several topics are covered throughout her collection consisting of poetic creations from current Seton High School students, showcasing works from a total of 17 incredibly talented writers.  Nutter hopes that all readers approach her book with an open mind and heart, and she thanks every person who helped make her project a greater success than she could have ever imagined.

Open and read HERE.

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