Advanced Placement

Many Seton students choose to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes as a way to earn college credit. There are three ways to receive college credit for these classes; either by passing the AP test in the Spring, through Early College Credit Enrollment, or College Credit Plus. Students who receive at least a three on the AP exam may be eligible to receive college credit. College credit is awarded through the receiving institution of higher education and is dependent upon that institution’s policies. Seton offers the following AP classes:

  • Art 3
  • Art 4
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Comparative Government
  • Language and Composition (English 3)
  • Literature and Composition (English 4)
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • U.S. Government & Politics
  • United States History

Early College Credit Enrollment with Mount St. Joseph University

Students at Seton High School have the opportunity to earn over 60 college credits through classes taken directly on our campus.  

The Early College Credit program allows students to take AP classes and earn college credit without necessarily having to take the AP test. Students who successfully complete an eligible AP course is awarded credit as evidenced by a college transcript awarded through Mount St. Joseph University. Credit is then transferable to other colleges and universities throughout the country. College credit policies of colleges and universities vary. Parents should contact colleges of interest to determine if the credit is transferable and how the credit will be applied. For more information about Early College Credit, please contact your daughter’s Academic Advisor or Mrs. Shelly Anderson, Associate Principal of Academics 513-471-2600 ext. 2406.

Participation Requirements through Mount St. Joseph University (MSJU)

  1. Students enroll in an eligible course during the course registration process. This course is taken at Seton High School.
  2. Students register directly with MSJU at the beginning of the upcoming school year Online HERE.
  3. Students will receive a transcript at the end of the course and are awarded college credit by MSJU upon successful completion with an 75% (C) year-end average or better.

Click HERE for complete list of classes and registration instructions.

College Credit Plus

In addition to the ability to earn up to 51 college credits through the Early College Credit Program with Mount St. Joseph University, students have an additional opportunity to earn up to 12 college credits through Ohio's College Credit Plus program.

Seton High School has a unique partnership with the University of Cincinnati's Lindner College of Business and the College of Engineering and Applied Science where students can take introductory classes in Business and Engineering and earn college credit through UC.

Through College Credit Plus, college courses are credited immediately on the students’ high school and college transcripts. Ohio students may take up to 30 college credits per year and 120 college credits while in high school. This initiative has replaced all other early college credit and dual enrollment programs. The only exception to this is for the Early College Credit program available through Mount St. Joseph University in effect prior to College Credit Plus. To be eligible for College Credit Plus students must be academically ready for college-level courses and be willing to follow the procedures outlined by the participating college(s) or university(ies).

University of Cincinnati College Credit Plus information

Cincinnati State College Credit Plus Information

In order to participate, students must follow the steps outline by the Ohio Department of Education:

  1. Attend a parent/student meeting addressing the state wide changes in the program.
  2. Qualify academically and apply to the participating college in accordance with the college’s established procedures for admission.
  3. Submit an “Intent to Participate” available in the Forms section of the ODE’s College Credit Plus website by March 1 and follow the timeline as outlined by the ODE:
  4. Meet with a member of Seton High School’s guidance department by April 1 and notify them of the intent to participate in this program during the following school year.  
  5. Open a SAFE account with the ODE by April 15 to apply for funding (
  6. Finalize the registration process with the college or university. This may include a counseling or orientation session prior to beginning a College Credit Plus course.
  7. Submit an “Application for College Credit Plus Funding” from the Ohio Department of Education upon admission by the college or university.

In addition to enrolling in courses applicable toward specific college majors, students may take one or more courses in various combinations from multiple Ohio public universities and colleges to fulfill general education requirements.

Each college or university has its own individual requirements for admission. For a complete list of course offerings, admission requirements, majors, pathways, and applications, visit the website of any Ohio public institution or participating private institution.


Grades earned in College Credit Plus courses will receive the equivalent weight as any weighted course within a given content area. Final grades will be posted to the student’s high school transcript after completion of the course and will be included in the calculation of a student’s grade point average. A final grade will be reported according to Seton High School’s approved grading scale; however, the college will impose their own grading scale. The student may see two different grades on her Seton High School report card and her College or University transcript.  

Private school students who enroll in College Credit Plus in either public or participating private institutions may have to pay course fees and associated costs, including books and materials cost. However, these fees are generally minimal and at significantly lower costs. Limited funds are available through the Ohio Department of Education to private high school students to cover the costs of enrollment at public or participating private colleges or universities. To apply for funds, students must first submit the “Intent to Participate” and follow all deadlines outlined by the ODE.  After acceptance by the College or University, students must then complete the “Application for College Credit Plus Funding” available on the Ohio Department of Education’s website. Funds are determined based on priority (senior students, junior students, sophomore students) and availability.

In order to be eligible for funding, courses must be credit bearing, non-remedial, and non-religious.  Earning a grade of an "F" in a College Credit Plus course or failure to complete the course will result in all financial obligations of the course defaulting to the student and her parents/guardian. Similarly, students are liable for any fees associated with dropping the course outside of the non-penalty add/drop dates of the college.

Students enrolled in courses through Mount St. Joseph University are not eligible for funding through College Credit Plus. 

For eligible students electing to participate in College Credit Plus off-campus, transportation is not provided by Seton High School, nor are reimbursement costs for transportation, such as mileage. Transportation and associated costs are the sole responsibility of the student and her parents/guardian. Seton High School is not liable for injuries or accidents resulting from transportation or participation in College Credit Plus off-campus.


  • Time and Money Savings: Students may earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously, eliminating duplication of some high school and college course content. 
  • Student Choice and Control: Students can take individual courses that align with educational goals and interests. In some cases, students may accelerate their educational goals. 
  • Challenging Coursework: Students can experience challenging and rigorous college courses while in high school. 
  • Early Exposure to the College Experience: Students can experience college life through on-campus visits and through access to academic and/or student life resources.


  • Grade Reporting. All college courses taken through College Credit Plus and their final grades will appear on a student’s high school transcript in addition to the transcript from the providing institution. This is a permanent record. As such, students should understand and be prepared for the rigor of the courses in which they are enrolling. Students who struggle academically should reach out to their college instructor and college academic advisor in addition to their high school Academic Advisor  as early as possible. 
  • NCAA Eligibility. Final grades issued through College Credit Plus, whether taken at Seton High School, at the campus of a College or University, or online will count toward a student’s GPA and may affect eligibility. 
  • Transferability and Applicability. Although many entry-level courses earned at an Ohio public college are guaranteed to transfer to any other Ohio public college, how the courses transfer may differ according to institution and major. Courses may apply toward a specific major, toward general education/core requirements, or toward free electives.  Students should refer to the institution of higher education that they hope to enroll in after high school to determine whether or not the coursework will apply toward the student’s chosen degree or major. Students should discuss credit transferability with a college or university academic advisor in addition to their high school Academic Advisor to aid in the process of determining how the courses will transfer. Students should also go to to learn more about credit transfer within the state of Ohio. This tool allows students to find the best pathways to degree completion and launch successful careers. 
  • Private and Out-of-State Institutions. Although credits may also transfer to private and out-of-state institutions, they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the institution a student is seeking to attend. 
  • Deadlines and Policies. Students enrolled in College Credit Plus must follow college deadlines, calendars, and policies in addition to Seton High School deadlines, calendars, and policies. Prior to enrolling in a College Credit Plus course, students should discuss any potential conflicts with their high school Academic Advisor. Students should also be aware of any add/drop policies, plagiarism policies, and other academic policies in which financial or academic penalties may be incurred.  

College Credit Plus students are college students and subject to the federal FERPA. For regular college students, this means that college records are not released to anyone, even parents, without written permission from the student. For College Credit Plus students, Seton High School may exchange information with the participating College or University.  

Rights under FERPA

For additional information on the College Credit Plus program, visit:

Academic Advising Members

Melany Dell
Melany Dell
Academic Advising
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Erin Lind
Class of 2003
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Katie Rader
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Robyn Schwarz
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