Advanced Placement and Early College Credit (Dual Enrollment)

Advanced Placement

Many Seton students choose to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes as a way to earn college credit. There are three ways to receive college credit for these classes; either by passing the AP test in the Spring, through Early College Credit Enrollment, oor College Credit Plus. Students who receive at least a three on the AP exam may be eligible to receive college credit. College credit is awarded through the receiving institution of higher education and is dependent upon that institution’s policies. Seton offers the following AP classes:

  • Art 3
  • Art 4
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Language and Composition (English 3)
  • Literature and Composition (English 4)
  • U.S. Government & Politics
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • United States History

Early College Credit Enrollment with Mount St. Joseph University

Students at Seton High School have the opportunity to earn over 60 college credits through classes taken directly on our campus; 51 of those credits can be taken through the Early College Credit (dual enrollment) courses with Mount St. Joseph University. 

The Early College Credit program allows students to take AP classes and earn college credit without necessarily having to take the AP test. Students who successfully complete an eligible AP course is awarded credit as evidenced by a college transcript awarded through Mount St. Joseph University. Credit is then transferable to other colleges and universities throughout the country. College credit policies of colleges and universities vary. Parents should contact colleges of interest to determine if the credit is transferable and how the credit will be applied. For more information about Early College Credit, please contact your daughter’s Academic Advisor or Mrs. Susan Hollenbach, Associate Principal of Academics at or 513-471-2600 ext. 2406.

The following Seton High School courses are eligible for Early College Credit through Mount St. Joseph University:

Course Name as it Appears in Seton High School's Curriculum Guide   Course Name as it Appears in the University's Course Catalog and on a Potential Transcript   Potential Semester Hours   Potential high School Credits
AP AB Calculus   MTH 191 Calculus I   4   1
AP BC Calculus   MTH 192 Calculus II   4   1
AP English III Language and Composition   ENG 101 Written Word   3   1
AP English IV Literature and Composition   ENG 350Q Special Topics in Literature   3   1
AP Biology   BIO 111 Principles of Biology I (Fall Semester) and BIO 112A Prinicples of Biology I (Spring Semester)   8




AP Chemistry   CHE 111 and CHE 111A (Fall Semester) and CHE 112 and CHE 112A (Spring Semester)  


AP US History   HIS 109 U.S. History to 1877 and HIS 110 U.S. History Since 1877 (3)   6   1
AP US Government and Politics   PSC 201 American National Government     3   1
HerStory   WST 150 HerStory   3   .50
Introduction to Sport Management   SPM 150 Introduction to Sport Management    3   .50
Principles of Microeconomics   ECO 211 Principles of Microeconomics    3   .50
Principles of Macroeconomics   ECO 212 Principles of Macroeconomics   3   .50
        51   10

Participation Requirements through Mount St. Joseph University (MSJU)

  1. Students enroll in an eligible course during the course registration process. This course is taken at Seton High School.
  2. Students are given an enrollment form in their classes at the beginning of the upcoming school year – payment and enrollment information will be included.
  3. Students register directly with MSJU at the beginning of the upcoming school year by sending in the completed form with payment to MSJU’s Registrar.
  4. Students will receive a transcript at the end of the course and are awarded college credit by MSJU upon successful completion with an 75% (C) year-end average or better.

Academic Advising Members

Cindy Bihl
Cindy Bihl
Class of 1988
Academic Advising
Academic Advisor, O'Connell House
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2044
Erin Lind
Erin Lind
Class of 2003
Academic Advising
Academic Advisor, Emmits House
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2041
Robyn Schwarz
Robyn Schwarz
Class of 1997
Academic Advising
Academic Advisor, Segale House
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2040
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