World Languages

In The Classroom

The World Languages Department follows the National Standards for Foreign Language. Students actively engage in reading, speaking, listening and writing activities to develop cultural understanding and language skills that will help them to communicate and participate in a global environment.

Seton offers Spanish, French and Latin I and II. Latin III is available through collaboration with Elder High School. Please see our Course Description & Academic Policy for additional information and program requirements.

To fulfill diploma requirements, 2 units of sequential credit in a language must be accumulated.

Flexible Credit Opportunities

Accelerated students who have had two ore more years of Spanish at the grade school level may be able to test into Spanish II. Please see our Course Description & Academic Policy for additional information.

AP Opportunities

  • AP Spanish

Honor Societies and Clubs

National Latin Honor Society

National Spanish Honor Society

Latin Club

French Club

Spanish Club

Other Activities

Through partnerships with local elementary schools as well as local restaurants and organizations, students learn deeper understanding and appreciation for the culture, food, and society within the language they are studying.


World Languages Department Members

Molly Brauch
Molly Brauch
Class of 2014
World Languages Department
Latin Teacher
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2227
Shawna McQuillan
Shawna McQuillan
Class of 1990
World Languages Department
Spanish Teacher

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