Health, Physical Education, and Wellness

In The Classroom

Through a standards-based program that encourages student choice, control, and mastery, it is the goal of the Health, Physical Education and Wellness Department that every student develops the foundational knowledge and skills that contribute to a lifetime of health and wellness.

In and outside of the classroom students are encouraged to demonstrate responsible personal behavior and to respect self and others in all settings. Students also have opportunities to explore career ready electives and participate in classes that are health-enhancing.

To fulfill diploma requirements, .5 units of health and .5 units of physical education need to be accumulated. In order to allow students the opportunity to accelerate and tailor their learning, Seton High School offers a variety of ways to meet State standards.

PE Waiver

Students may meet their physical education requirements through a PE Waiver.

Show Choir and the Physical Education Waiver

Under HB 166, Seton students may now obtain a physical education waiver after active completion of two full seasons (years) of Show Choir. Participating students will also be eligible to receive .25 credit for active participation in each year of Show Choir, to include Show Choir I, Show Choir II, Show Choir III and Advanced Show Choir I. Seton’s vocal groups, the Singing Saints and the Seton Vocal Ensemble, as well as the Seton-Elder Show Choir, will be incorporated into Seton’s expanded Show Choir program. All students will be required to audition and must be simultaneously enrolled in either Freshman Chorus or Concert Choir. In the 2019-2020 school year only, Seton High School may consider enrollment requests from students in the 11th grade who will be completing their second season of Show Choir their Senior year.

For information on the complete Show Choir structure, please contact Justin Kohler at

If you have questions you may find the answers HERE!

Interscholastic Sports (School Sponsored Athletic Program) and the Physical Education Waiver

Students may continue to obtain a physical education waiver after active play time and completion of two full seasons of a school sport. Students will be expected to complete the second season of a sport prior to their Junior year to ensure that she have an opportunity to complete both PE1 and PE2 in the classroom in order to fulfill graduation requirements.

Students may fulfill their physical education requirement through a waiver with two full seasons of a sport, two full seasons of Show Choir, or two semesters of classroom physical education. Students may not combine any of the options. Should a student be cut or otherwise not fulfill the requirements of two full seasons of either Show Choir or athletics, she may not be eligible for a Physical Education waiver. In this case, a student will be required to complete both PE1 (0.25 credit) and PE2 (0.25 credit) in order to fulfill graduation requirements.

Flex Credit and Physical Education

Physical Education credit also remains available to Sophomore and Junior students as flexible credit if they are actively and simultaneously participating in an athletic activity that falls outside of the physical education waiver. Students must receive prior permission from the Associate Principal to participate and will be responsible for researching course standards and developing a plan to meet the required standards.  Students must also submit the recommendation of two core content area teachers to their Academic Advisor prior to participation.  Please visit the Ohio Department of Education Credit Flexibility Website for more information. 

Summer Physical Education

PE1 will be available over the summer at either Seton or Elder High Schools. The summer physical education program is designed to afford flexible opportunities for students to meet one semester of physical education requirements throughout the summer through a series of independent, individual and group activities. The dates and schedule for summer PE will be available in April of 2020. Students will be expected to take PE2 in the classroom during the school year, which is generally scheduled in the second semester.

Health Online

Students who wish to meet their Health requirements may participate in Seton High School’s online Health program during the regular school year or over the summer. Please see our Course Description & Academic Policy for course descriptions and additional information about credit flexibility. 


A variety of hands-on, project based electives are designed to prepare students for careers in Healthcare and develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Sports Medicine – Seton High School partners with Tri-Health to offer a Sports Medicine class that would prepare interested students for a career in Sports Medicine or Healthcare.

Child Development – This is an excellent course for students interested in pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education or Healthcare.

Foods and Nutrition – In addition to preparing students for careers in Healthcare, this course is designed to develop nutritional skills and awareness which leads to healthy cooking, eating, and living habits.

Sport Management - This blended learning class is available for 3 college credits through Mount Saint Joseph's Early College Credit (Dual Enrollment) Program. Students participate in the course online during the school day and meet one time per week on Mount Saint Joseph's campus.

Health, Physical Education, and Wellness Members

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Megan Berling
Health, Physical Education, and Wellness
Physical Education Teacher
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Carmella Noell
Health, Physical Education, and Wellness
PE Teacher
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