Apr. 26, 2018

Seton students attend TechOlympics 2018

Seton students attend TechOlympics 2018

Students from Seton High School’s Chapter of the Interalliance of Greater Cincinnati attended TechOlympics 2018, a weekend-long technology conference in Downtown Cincinnati.

The weekend included competitions, breakout sessions, keynote presentations by local business leaders, and mock interviews and networking with local colleges and businesses.

Science teacher Mrs. Allison Hinker and students attended breakout sessions on everything from coding to robotics to IT careers. They participated in competitions such as Wiki Races, QR Code Scavenger Hunt, Speed Keyboarding and Coding.

“TechOlympics was a weekend full of fun and learning that I really enjoyed,” said sophomore Kate Lambert. “I loved learning so many different things about technology, including using technology in medicine. The experience helped me to narrow down my career choices for college.” Lambert was proud of her iMovie team, who won the competition. “We were given 25 minutes to go out and record different competitions and events that were going on, so we walked around and asked people what TechOlympics meant to them in one word. We then had a short amount of time to edit the video using iMovie and submit it. We were so excited when we won,” she said.

Seton students were proud to be a part of this unique weekend. “TechOlympics is the only technology convention in the country geared exclusively to high school students,” said Hinker. “Students are exposed to all types of technology and applications during this weekend-long convention. This is beneficial to broaden their exposure to new and exciting future careers and a chance to network with future employers. It’s also a great way for students with different strengths to be given a chance to shine during breakout sessions and competitions throughout the weekend.”

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