Curriculum Guide

To fulfill diploma requirements for the State of Ohio, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and Seton High School, 24 units of credit must be accumulated.

These credits are to include:

Religion   4 credits
English   4 credits
Social Studies   3 credits
a. World History   0.5 credit
b. American History   1 credit
c. Government   1 credit
d. Social Studies - electives   1 credit
Mathematics   4 credits
Science   3 credits
a. Biology   1 credit
b. Physical Science or Chemistry   1 credit
Health   0.5 credit
Physical Education   0.5 credit
Fine Arts (Music or Art)   1 credit
World Languages   2 credits
Freshman Seminar   0.5 credit

+ Appropriate Number of Electives

+ Community Service Hours - 25 per year, freshman through junior years; 15 hours senior year

+ Completion of the Senior Project

+ Seton High School provides ACT Test Preparation for all students.  This curriculum takes place during the school day and consists of test-taking strategies, reinforcement of subject-specific content and skills as well as various opportunities to take practice ACT tests.  The program is presented in-house by Seton faculty who have received professional development in ACT test prep training. 

  • Students must generally acquire 6.25 credits before promotion to grade 10, 12.5 before promotion to grade 11, and 18.75 credits before promotion to grade 12.
  • Unexcused absences of more than five days in a quarter could be cause for a student to receive a failing grade for the quarter.

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